A free playdate for Parents and kids.

co-Hosted by FABRIC and Bushridge PARENTS.

July 9, 2017 / Bushwick / brooklyn / NYC


EVENT Details

Cereal and play for kids.

Drinks for parents.

Old school cartoons for all.


Great question. We’ll make location announcements via email the Wednesday before each event. It’s first come first serve, so act fast when the email comes in. Our first location is a screening room / bar space we’ll be filling with playthings, free snacks and, of course, cartoons.

Who is welcome?

If you're reading this, and you've got kids, we'd love to have you. Bring the whole fam.

What ages are the cartoons for?

We'll be showing a variety of toons, from Tom and Jerry to GummyBears. 

What about refreshments?

Cartoons go best with cereal, we'll have a variety on hand. The bar is also open for grown-ups wanting to meet new parent-friends from the neighborhood over a mimosa.

Why are you doing this?

Fabric is life insurance made easy for parents. Seriously. Coverage can be purchased in just 2 minutes on your phone. Plans start at $6/mo. We've recently launched in New York (our home!) and as parents ourselves thought this would be a fun way to spread the word. Don't worry, if you've read this far you've already gotten through the sales pitch. The Cartoons & Cereal playdate is just about good family fun. See you there!



Smurfette meet Lion-o. Best of the vintage. Free for all. 



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Not in williamsburg ON May 20th?

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